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Disadvantage — advantage

In order to qualify for Disadvantage — Advantage you must not own any real property. Decisions will be made on a case to case basis depending on need and availability. Decisions are final. You may be asked to show documentation to prove your claim of disadvantage.

Web Design, Hosting, Maintenance

Maintennance does not include change in content or new features. Additional charges may apply for more than one manual content update per month.

Advertising Policy

Electric Genesis may elect to place ads on web pages hosted by us from time to time. These ads may or may not generate revenue. It is not our intention to place ads which are offensive or overly distracting. If any ads appear which do not comply with this policy you may report them and they will be removed. Reasons to report ads include ads that are

  • overly distracting, eg. strobes or flash
  • contain pornography
  • claim that you are the nth visitor to the website
  • offers a prize which requires you to purchase a product or send money up front
  • points to a website with other ads and has no immediately obvious other content
  • disrespects people at disadvantage, such as the disabled
  • forwards a right-wing political agenda

Electric Genesis reserves the final right of determination as to which ads do or do not comply with this policy. Decisions are final. To report a violation please contact us.

Privacy Policy

Electric Genesis is committed to protecting the privacy of customers and anyone that contacts us to the fullest extend of the law. Any information collected by Electric Genesis by email, or online form will be considered confidential and never published or sold to a third party unless otherwise stated or with the permission of the rightful owner of that data. If you are concerned about your privacy using any Electric Genesis product, please do not hesitate to contact us immediately.